How to Move Message & Contacts From basic phone to smartphone?

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Upgrading to a new device is really great, but while upgrading to a new smartphone it becomes a headache to transfer contacts and Messages.

Even transferring messages and contacts from feature phone to android is tough as there are sending options usually.

But dont worry we are here to help you out through this situation just read this post carefully till the end.


How to Transfer Contacts from Feature phone to Android or iPhone:

To transfer contacts from the basic phone just insert a sim card in the basic phone and then open contacts and try to find a move or copy option and then transfer them to a sim card. Now just remove the sim card and insert it into your Android or iPhone your contacts will be transferred.

If you dont find any copy or move options then try to find an option to copy or move them in the settings app.

If you still dont find any copy or move option then try to send them via text messages.


How to transfer messages from Feature phone to Android or iPhone:

In most feature phones you dont get any special feature to transfer Messages.

Similarly to the first case insert your card in basic phone then try to find the move SMS option in the Messages app and then transfer them to your sim card and just insert this sim card to your Android or iPhone. In this case, you may require more than two sim cards as the size of SMS may be too big to save in one sim card.

If your feature phone supports a memory card then try to find a way to transfer your messages to a memory card. And then set this memory card to your android to move Messages.

In case if you dont find any transferring SMS option then try to forward them to a number that is inserted in the smartphone in bulk it may require time but you can do this.


have any questions then do ask in the comment box we will try to solve them for you.

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