How To Change Catalogue In Meesho Seller Panel

Change Catalogue Meesho

Meesho is a great place to sell your products online at 0% commission. On Meesho there are more than 10 crore potential Indian buyers which makes it a more attractive online market for sellers.

To start selling you have to Sign Up to your account and make a catalogue on Meesho and after that, you start getting orders easily as simple as that.

But sometimes if you are willing to change the Image of the Catalogue then currently while writing this article it is not a simple task, as there is no direct option like Amazon or Flipkart to Change the Catalogue on Meesho.

So in this post, we will guide you to Change Catalogue on Meesho Seller Panel so keep reading.

How To Change Catalogue In Meesho Seller Panel

To do this first you have to make an Excel sheet which is easy to understand for the Meesho support team and they will do your task fast.

Step 1. Open your then go to “Support”.

Step 2. Firstly go to “Images Bulk upload” and upload images that you want to add.

Step 3. Now make an Excel sheet of Catalogue ID, SKU ID, Product ID and Images URL of that catalogue as shown in the screenshot below.

catalogue meesho

Step 3. Now again open the Meesho site and go to “Others”.

Step 4. After this click on “Raise a Ticket”.

Step 5. Now In the Ticket choose a suitable Issue, In the description Write your request “I want to change my catalogue’s image and also want to add another image” Next to that mention the Catalogue ID which you want to Change, SKU ID and Product ID. Also, mention the URLs of the images that you uploaded in Step 2 above.

Step 6. In the attachment section, you can upload the Excel sheet which you made in step 3. And in the last mention your Personal phone number so that they can contact you.

Step 7. Finally, Submit this ticket. In 3-4 hours Meesho team will review your request and process it further.

So this was the process to Change the Catalogue from Meesho. You can freely express your thoughts in the Comment box presented below.

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