Solutions To Fix OTP Not Received On Phone

An OTP (one-time password) is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that authenticates a specific user for a single transaction or login session. An OTP is more secure than a static password, especially a user-created password. OTPs easily can be used for authentication and to add another layer of security.

You may have used OTP to verify or authenticate something, and this is the best way to do it.

But sometimes due to errors on your phone and sim card, you may struggle to get OTP and it is very irritating. If you require that OTP for important tasks like bank OTP. And in such a case, if the OTP does not arrive on time, it is most irritating.

So today in this post we will give you solutions to troubleshoot OTP not receiving to your phone. but if you are seeking problems related to OTP not receiving to Vi, OTP not receiving to Airtel, OTP not receiving to Jio, OTP not receiving to BSNL then do check that particular post.

Solutions to OTP Not Receiving On Phone Problems

1. Does your Phone have an OTP receiving issue?

There are two possible causes behind this issue. One is problems related app/site from which you trying to get service & another possible cause is related to your Mobile Number.

If it’s an issue with the app or Website you try other solutions given in this post to solve the issue.

To check whether OTP receiving or not you can manually send it by using OTP sender to your mobile number from online sites.

If you are receiving OTP then your phone doesn’t have any issues. If don’t get OTP to your phone then it’s sure that it has an issue. Follow some solutions given below to solve the issue.

2. Double check number

Just for rechecking make sure you have typed the correct Phone number. Also, check if you have added the correct Country code of India which is +91.

3. Clear the Cache of your default message app

The cache is the files that are used to make future processes faster, which can be deleted, and deleting them will not create any major problem, As a result, it can solve your OTP not coming issue.

To clear the cache of the Messaging app follow the steps given below:

  1. Open ‘Settings App‘ and go to the ‘Apps‘ section.
  2. Now find the Messaging app and open the App info of it.
  3. Now Tap on Clear Data.
  4. Find Clear Cache and tap on it.
clear cache messaging 1
Clear Cache of Messaging app

3. Restart your phone

Sometimes there is a bug in the working Android, iOS, or any other device which is the root cause of this problem. So to sort out such bugs you just have to restart your smartphone and it will fix most of the bugs easily.

4. Check SMS receiving On your Phone Number or not

This solution is probably not a solution but it helps to verify the problem with your phone number.

Get another device and try to send an SMS to your Phone number. If you get the message easily it means your sim card is accepting messages and it is working fine.

But if you still struggle to get the OTP, then follow the next solution.

5. Check your Blacklist

If you have Blocked a specific number or Unknown number then you can’t receive an SMS as well. So suppose you have blocked all unknown numbers then it may have blocked all SMS from unknown numbers too. So you should check that you haven’t blocked receiving SMS from unknown numbers.

  1. Open your Phone app.
  2. Now tap on the ‘⋮‘ to open Phone related settings.
  3. Now open Blacklist (Blocked contacts).
  4. Now check here if you can receive SMS from blocked numbers or not.
  5. Just make sure you can receive SMS from an unknown number.

6. Uninstall the Third-party Messaging app

Having a third-party app also causes many problems with receiving OTP. So you can uninstall or disable that third-party app.

Many people in India have Truecaller installed on their devices. Sometimes it can cause problems to receive OTP. Also, Truecaller may put OTP messages in the Spam folder which is hard to locate for a normal smartphone user. If you are worried about identifying unknown contacts then don’t worry, you can easily identify unknown numbers online.

7. Put your sim card on Another Phone

If you are in a hurry to the OTP then, just remove your sim card and put it on another phone or feature phone, it will definitely work now.

8. Call Customer Care

If you have followed all the above methods and none of them worked for you to receive OTP, then try calling customer care of your network operator in India.

After calling, explain your fair situation to them, they will definitely help you out with this situation.


We have shared all possible solutions to the problem of OTP not receiving on the Phone. If you still have any kind of issues or problems then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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