How to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number Online (Without Application)

For the very first time calling feature was invented by Martin Cooper in mobile phones. And since then calling has been an important feature of our mobile phones.

Nowadays it is very easy to call any person just by typing the number. Sometimes when someone is trying to call you, you can get busy and you get a missed call on your phone.

If this number came from an unknown number then you try to ask your family members about that number, here comes the use of finding the owner name of that number. Well, you can easily search for the owner of that number just go through the following steps.
You can be in any corner of the world, yet with this method, you can find numbers.

In this post, we have discussed how to search mobile numbers for free on the Truecaller website. By using this website Search Mobile Number Details Without Using any App.

Remember one thing that there are restrictions on per day 10 search only.

Steps to search a phone number without any application (Guide to search a Phone number on Truecaller’s website)

Step 1. Open your missed call numbers firstly and Long tap on the number and select the ‘copy to clipboard‘ option.


Step 2. Now open your browser and search Truecaller and visit


Step 3. Tap ‘‘ next to open the menu, then Tap ‘sign in‘. Now It will give two options to log in, choose the suitable option to log in with either Gmail or Microsoft account.


Step 4. Here I have chosen to log in with Gmail.


Step 5. Now once you sign in you can search for phone numbers. Paste the number in the search bar and tap search. The number owner’s name will be shown to you.

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