How to Delete Meesho Order History

delete meesho order history

Meesho is India’s one of the most trending online shopping platforms which was founded by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal back in 2015. People buy different types of products at discounted prices.

People can buy a variety of products from Meesho, through their app or website. But many of them dont know how to delete/ clear the order history, to do so there is no direct way.

So in this post, we will explain how to delete the order history of Meesho. To know that please read the post till the end.

How to Delete Meesho Order History

Please note that there is no direct option to clear Meesho’s order history. But there are different ways through which you can delete, hide, or change order history. let’s see them one by one.

1. Order more

There is limited order history visible to you. So the idea is you have to order more items and in effect, the older items will automatically vanish. This method is a little time consuming but you can try this one it perfectly works to delete the history of older orders.

2. Login with another number

This method is my personal suggestion. You can log out from your current Meesho account and then log in with another mobile number so that the history associated with the first number account will not be shown here on this account.

3. Hide your App

If you dont want to log out of the account and still want to use the Meesho app then you can hide your Meesho app. There lot of features through which you can hide the Meesho app easily.

4. Contact Help Center

There are two ways to contact the Meesho support team. The first one is by mailing and the second one is by calling.

① Mail

Step 1. Open the Mail app.
Step 2. In the “To” field enter the which is the official help email of Meesho.
Step 3. In the email, you have to write your name, number, and request. You have to mention -“Please delete my Meesho’s delivered Order history.“
Step 4. You have to then send the email with the subject line-“Meesho Order history.”
Step 5. Within 48 hours, you will get a reply back that your request has been confirmed.
Step 6. Then they wait for their mail or call to you now they will check your authenticity and proceed further.

② Number

Just call on 080-6179 9600 number between 10 AM to 7 PM they will help you delete your history just tell them your account details.


So these are some simple working ways which I found genuine and you can use them easily to delete your Meesho account’s order history.

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