How to Unblock Blocked Mbikwik Account


MobiKwik is an Indian payment service provider founded in 2009 that provides a mobile phone-based payment system and digital wallet. Customers add money to an online wallet that can be used for payments.

Recently my MobiKwik account was blocked and it was not opening so I found a solution to this issue, which I have shared that with you below so keep reading.

How to Unblock Blocked Mbikwik Account

Before we start you should know this process can take up to two weeks so keep that in mind. And In case, if You don’t have money in the blocked account I’ll recommend you Create a New Mobikiwik account with a different number and email id.

To disable your account please follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Your Email Account And Compose a Mail.
  2. In the Address, section add or
  3. In The Subject Line write “Request To Unblock Mobikwik Account“.
  4. Provide Email id and Mobile Number for the account.
  5. Remember To Attach Your Bank Statement From Which you add Money To your Freecharge Account. (Remember Screenshots are not allowed you need to send Passbook Scanned copy)
  6. Attach Any ID Proof For Faster Processor.
  7. Type In the Message if You Probably know the Reason for the same.
  8. Done, Send It, Within 2-7 Days You Will Get a Reply from them If your Account is unblocked or they required some more information.


You can also directly call to Mobikwik support team on 011 6126 6390.

Here is the video content for you..

So this is it guys hope you got value and help from this post. Dont forget to comment below your thoughts, from which people will also get help from your experience too.

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