Lessons the Ludo Game Teaches That Most Players Miss


When we play board games, it is easy to get so involved that we do not pay heed to what they can teach us. Some of these lessons board games impart can also carry over to the real world. Even uncomplicated games like Ludo have coping tips to share.

While it may appear to be a simple game of chance, Ludo offers valuable lessons that extend beyond the board and into our everyday lives. Beyond the joy and excitement of rolling dice and moving colorful tokens, there are hidden insights and skills that most players often overlook.

In this article, we delve into the lesser-known lessons that Ludo imparts, shedding light on the strategic thinking, decision-making, and social dynamics embedded within the game. By exploring these insights, players can enhance their understanding of not only Ludo but also the broader aspects of life that mirror its mechanics.

Lessons the Ludo Game Teaches That Most Players Miss

1. Patience is Everything:

It is natural when playing Ludo to want to get on with the game. After all, being at the mercy of the dice and stuck within the home base while other players go about their merry way to the finish line is no fun. Playing a Ludo real money game is always challenging as scores of other players are looking to earn money, the same as you. There is only one in a six chance that you will get the desired number to move your coin toward victory or exit the home base. read more solutions

The challenges of online Ludo don’t stop people from playing it as, according to The Times of India, the game has made in-roads in the Mediterranean and the Middle East apart from the Indian subcontinent. But you do have to keep your hopes up, and statistically, you will inevitably roll the number you are looking for, be it the six to exit the home quadrant or that elusive one to take your token home. If lady luck favors you, you may even get a continuous stream of luck.

2. Always Keep Your Guard Up

When playing Ludo, you should remember that your rivals are constantly snapping at your heels, and danger is never far away. Always keep an eye on their coins and make sure yours are always on the move. Doing so makes it difficult for opponents to pin or take you down.

3. Make Strategy a Part of Your Game

Even a game of luck like Ludo has scope for strategic gameplay. While you may get lucky and head out onto an empty board, and you can move coins at will, rest assured your good fortune won’t last. Sooner or later, the rival tokens will begin their journey around the board, which is when the fun begins.

Having some tricks up your sleeve, such as planning and staying two steps ahead,  figuring out the ideal token to move, making use of safe zones, and sandwiching your opponent with your coins, are some ways in which you can employ tactics to keep the game swung firmly in your favor.

4. It’s Okay to Start Slow

In any board game, including Ludo, player fortunes can oscillate out of the blue. You or any other player may almost be on the verge of taking a coin home, but they may get taken out and have to start all over again. This includes waiting until you roll the much dreaded six on the die. At times when the game is well underway, you may be stuck in your home zone for what feels like an eternity.

But starting slow is fine, as you have as much of a chance of winning the game at the end of the day as anyone else. A slow start may even be the opportunity you need; with some good fortune, you may exit just as someone passes you. That gives you an opportunity to take them out, thus increasing your chances of survival and victory in the game.

5. Make Use of the Opportunity on Hand

Do not dwell on a what-if scenario. If your rival has a coin in your vicinity, but you have a chance to head home, do that instead. You may succeed in taking out your competition, but then you would have to navigate the board once more. Not only will you expose your coin to danger this way, but you will also be far from victory.

6. Exercise Caution

When playing Ludo, make the most of an advantageous position. You may be in a safe spot surrounded by rival coins. Before leaving the secure area, ensure you are as safe as possible. Perhaps you can roll a high number to put some distance between you and others. Or even a low number would be acceptable as they are statistically harder to get.

But once out, invest all the rolls you throw towards having as much distance as possible between you and your rivals.

7. Target the Token In a Winning Position

If any of your opponent’s coins are ready to sneak into their respective home stretch, do your utmost to prevent them. Keep tailing them with as many of your coins as possible, and one of them may end up sending it back to the start position.

8. Don’t Let a Bit of Misfortune Affect You

In every game, there has to be the victor and the vanquished. A situation may arise where you are unable to win or take any of the tokens home. Remember to contemplate and figure out your missteps. This will help you identify your shortcomings in the game and avoid them in the future. By maintaining a good attitude and displaying good sportsmanship in the face of adversity, you will endear yourself to your fellow players.

There is always a parallel between our favored board games and real life. Sometimes we may not know the similarities, but they very much exist. This is true particularly in the case of Ludo, with many of the pointers having real-world implications.

For example, if we hurry through a chore, the result turns out to be different from what we desire. Instead, pursuing it slowly will mean, it will more likely be free of errors, and your day will be more productive.

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