What is The Nits of Brightness And How Many You Actually Need for your device

laptop smartphoneWhile watching Youtube videos or websites you must have heard Nits of brightness word most probably in a review of Smartphone/ Smart TV/ Smartwatch.

Well, we have watched different videos and articles to explain you better and most importantly accurate, so keep reading this post to get rid of nits of brightness you actually need.

What Nits and Candela are?

Before understanding Nit you should know about Candela.

Well, imagine a box of dimension 1×1 meter box in which there is a burning candle, now the total light coming from that candle is called as ‘1 candela‘, and light which hits the inner side of the box wall is equal to ‘1 nit’.

It means if we managed 400 candles in a 1×1 meter box the light that hit the inner wall of the box will be equal to 400 nits of brightness.

In a scenario, if there is a 400 nits display then it means the maximum brightness of that specific display will emit the light that will hit the inner side of the box and will be equal to 400 nits.

How Many nits of brightness should be there on a Smartphone display?

We use a Smartphone in different light conditions that is why we require a minimum of 300 nits display, if it is below 300 nits then smartphones with such display can cause difficulty to use in a direct sunlight conditions.

In Apple’s retina displays, Samsung’s AMOLED display there is more nits of brightness like 820 nits, 1000 nits and they are going more common thing in 2021.

How Many nits of brightness should be there on a TV display?

In TV’s case is different as TV’s are only expected to be watched in a home under low light condition, therefore there should be a minimum of 200 nits brightness in a TV.

While there are some TV’s which comes with OLED, AMOLED display which has about 2000 nits display or even more.

How Many nits of brightness should be there on a Laptop and PC display?

Laptops and PC are also expected to be used indoors that is why a 200 nits display is enough for them. While 400 nits laptops are widespread in 2021 so that they will not have any problem using in direct sunlight.

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