Brightness Not Increasing to its Full Strength on Xiaomi device

Guide%2Bto%2Buse%2BMi%2BremoteRecently while operating my Xiaomi phone I observed my brightness which was very low and tried to increase it but the brightness was not increasing to its full Nits of Brightness.

Then I took some help from Youtube videos and blog articles then the problem was solved but for few days only later this issue was constantly arising with me.

If you get the same problem this post is meant to you therefore don’t leave before you read until the feet’s thumb.

What is the Brightness not increasing to its full strength issue?

While normal usage the brightness of your smartphone go to its full strength but when this issue arises your smartphone’s brightness is only increasable to a certain level you can’t increase to its full strength.

Whats the actual reasons behind this issue?

Well in my case this issue only arises when my phone gets Overheating warning.

While some gaming or light task in direct sunlight phone gets a little warmer which triggers the overheating issue.

Overheating restricted the brightness to a certain level where comes the actual problem after the phone gets normal brightness is locked to that certain level and it cannot be increased.

The solution to overcome this Problem

Well, to increase the brightness to its optimum level you can restart your phone, then your phone gets rid of this issue easily.

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