Safest 10+ Windows Software Download Sites to use in 2021

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In computers, Windows is the most used operating system throughout the world, it’s all credit goes to software and great usability of this operating system.

Presently there are hundreds of Software download sites that are very satisfying and user-friendly. Well, keep reading the post till the end if you want to know the best sites to download various software for your Windows safely.

Importance of using the Safe software download site

There are many sites that are specialized in providing Softwares for Windows but be aware many of them can be the reason for entering different malware on your computer.

The software you gonna download from an unknown source and Website if installed on your computer it will work with your system where it may cause a threat to your security.

Thus you should ensure the website you gonna use to download the different Softwares for your computer.

For this, all the sites that we have listed after the scan on Google’s Safe Browsing site status and VirusTotal, where none of them showed a major problem.

All the sites that we have listed use different Antiviruses to keep their site clean but what about the software! they can still harm your PC, that is why we suggest using Best Sandbox Applications for Windows which will create a virtual environment so that you can test the application which will not affect your actual PC.

You can also check the description of the software mentioned on the website where you check the developer/ author that has uploaded or provided software to the site if it is different then the file may be altered, which can cause a threat to your personal securities.

For more protection, you can use preventive measures to avoid malware entry into your device.
Well, it was all about site scanning but the software you gonna download must be free from any malware.


Safest Windows Softwares Download Sites


Headquarters   New York
Owner               – Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins.
Since                – April 2010
If you have recently purchased a Windows laptop or PC and would like to download and install a few software apps in bulk, in this scenario, Ninite is the best website for you.
Ninite is very simple to use a large source of Freeware where it also helps to keep your Softwares updated as it notifies you every time if there is a new version available.
Ninite also provides Pro service which is paid where users can manage i.e Install, Uninstall, Update, reinstall all Softwares at a time.
To download the software apps you have to firstly install Ninte on your device then you can download and install apps.

 Microsoft Store

Headquarters – Washington, United States
Owner              – Bill Gates
Since               – 26th October 2012 
On most windows devices Microsoft  Store app comes preinstalled but many of you may not know that you can easily access the entire store through the official website to download various apps.
Apps are very well categorized into various categories where you can easily find the app you were searching for.
The website is self-maintained by Microsoft Windows where only the best useful applications are hosted which makes it the safest site in our case.
Headquarters  – San Francisco, CA
Owner               – Red Ventures, LLC
Since                 – 1st April 1991
ZDNet is one of the oldest sites and by the time they always have upgraded their security so users will don’t have any problem.
It is the world’s largest library of software that hosts Windows, Mac, and Mobile systems files. Where to navigate easily there 14 different categories.
The first time you visit this site you will find it very difficult to find software and apps because the site also posts articles regularly and is still one the biggest working site in that case if you search for files then apply the filters to download which will give the right result for you.

 CNET Download

Headquarters – San Francisco, United States
Owner             – Red Ventures, LLC
Since               – 24th February 1996
CNET and ZDNet are owned by the same company that is why there are many common things between these two sites.
Previously, the site’s domain name was, now is the official domain that has been an excellent website since 1996, providing downloadable software and apps for a variety of operating systems.
It is one of the good sites to download Android apps as well as for Windows software.
CNET also publishes articles to help users to use software and apps.


Headquarters – Romania
Owner              – SoftNews NET SRL
Since               – 2001
Softpedia is the major download portal that doesn’t wrap software packages/installers rather they take apps and software directly from developers.
Softpedia is one biggest site which provides apps and software for download and all the apps/software on the site are in original exact provided form by the developer.
There are about 1.2 million software and apps for users to download, many of which are reviewed and written by Softpedia staff, which sets it apart from many other sites.
Softpedia host downloadable apps and software for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac operating systems also post regularly Reviews and News on Games, Technology, and science-related topics.


Headquarters  United Kingdom
Owner              – H&V Media Limited
Since               – 2008
If a user is not happy with the latest version of a specific software then he can download the older version easily from Filehorse.
On the site, you will observe a few counts and specific software managed by the FileHorse team to ensure a malware-free experience.
All software is 100% spyware and virus free as all software is tested by Virus Total and Google Safe Browsing.


Headquarters – Virginia, United States
Owner             – BetaNews, Inc
Since               – 2010
All the apps on Downloadcrew are downloaded by a team of themselves and only after the tests they review it and upload it on their site for users to download.
Downloadcrew believes in software and apps which are worth downloading on your device that is why there are limited apps that are hosted on the site.
Categories and navigation menu on the site are enough for you to guide you. There is a featured in the download section and filters for search are also very helpful to find the software for you.


Headquarters – Barcelona, Spain
Owner             –  Scott Arpajian
Since               – 1997
Softonic provides applications and Softwares for Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS. With 62.08 million monthly users and 4 million downloads, which is a great location for Freeware as well as Shareware.
All the files available to download on Softonic are being tested with more than 30 antivirus engines which ensure a virus and malware-free experience for users.
Softonic Softwares are categorized in a very user-friendly interface where they try to provide updates as fast as possible. That’s what makes Softonic one of the best sites to download most of the and software.
Softonic also tries to solve the application and software related queries through regular posts on their site.


Headquarters – Málaga Spain  
Owner             – Privately Held
Since               – December 2002
Uptodown is the Only Site that is available internationally in 15 different languages which provide downloadable software and apps for Android, Windows, Mac.
All the files which are hosted on Uptodown are analyzed by over 70 antiviruses by utilizing the service of Virustotal where Uptodown always looks for more user safety.


Headquarters – Mexico
Owner              – File Hippo S.R.O
Since               – 2004
Filehippo believes in Quality, not quantity, that is why you will find particular known and true usable software to download on the site, which really satisfies the tagline of Filehippo that is ‘Software that Matters‘.
If you don’t like the new version of a specific app then you can easily get the older version from the site.
FileHippo also publishes news related to the software which is really useful.


Headquarters – New York, United States.
Owner              – Jim McMahon 
Since                – 2001
While a visit to MajorGeeks first thing you will observe is the retro design of the website.
MajorGeeks personally install and check its usability and a few more things including malware testing, only after this software is made available to users which makes this different from other sites.
If you are new to the Windows operating system and don’t have experience with it then for downloading and installing software Microsoft store, CNET Download and Softonic are the best options.
Also, don’t try to download any pirated software it can create a lot of problems for you.
In the case of bulk software download, Ninite is the best option, and as per as security concerns all sites are safe but Microsoft Store, MajorGeek, and Downloadcrew have the best security for their sites.

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