Xiaomi MIUI 12 : How To Do Security Scan

security scanIn 21 security and Privacy has got very much importance which is good, but on a personal level, there are several things we can use to ensure security.

How to do a security scan in Xiaomi smartphone

In Xiaomi Phones you can check the privacy, virus and payment environment easily just go to Security app> Security scan> wait till the scan completes if there is any security issue in the smartphone it will notify and solve for you.

How Security Scan works

Well, while scanning is in progress you may have noticed the line ‘Powered by Avast’ which clearly means this function is provided by well-known security company Avast which is a very good thing.

Xiaomi Security scan check if there is any flaw in the payment system, it checks if apps that can have a privacy issue, and it also check if

there is any Malware in it or not.

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