Should you buy the latest 5G phone now or wait until the 5G launch?

Should%2Byou%2Bbuy%2Bthe%2Blatest%2B5G%2Bphone%2Bnow%2Bor%2BwaitIn countries like the USA, UK, China some of the citizens have got the opportunity to use the latest 5G network, and to use 5G; one should have 5G compatible phones to use.

In recent times many Indians people may have noticed some phones launching with 5G support. Many of you must have had a lot of question at that movement like 

  • Should I buy a new 5G phone now?
  • Should I wait to buy a new 5G phone?
  • Is it the right time to buy a 5G phone? 
  • Using a new 5G phone, can 4G speed up?

and many such questions may enter your mind. Keep reading this post till the end to get all your doubts clear related to Should you buy the latest 5G phone now or wait until the 5G launch?

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But Does 5G is faster than 4G?

Yes, 5G is faster than 4G.
4G was able to give a maximum of 10MBps speed in India, whereas 5G is expected to give speed up to 1GBps in India.

Presently there are many phones in the market with 5G support but there is no 5G network provider to date in India and many companies are still working on it.

When 5G will be available in India?

Well, the 5G network support infrastructure is still in development in India and Jio will be the first telecom company to provide 5G service to Indian users. 

The previously expected time for availability of 5G service was mid-2020, but due to many problems infrastructure for 5G is delayed to mid-2021.

One of the biggest problems in the development of the 5G infrastructure is the corona pandemic.

Now you will say . . .
Should I buy a 5G device as soon as 5G launches or not? If not, what is the right time to buy a 5G device?

Well, your answer is here. 

The right time to buy the latest 5G phone:

For now, in 2020 you should not buy a 5G device. we are saying this because of many reasons. 

If you buy 5G devices in 2020 and wait till the 5G launch major possibility is your phone will not support fully to 5G service or you may face many problems related to the 5G network. 
Now you will say should I buy a 5G phone after the 5G launch? 

You know that the 5G infrastructure in India is still in development and it is expected that 5G will be available in mid-2021.

When 5G will launch in India there will be a lot of options in the midrange and the premium category to buy one 5G device and sell them will be also high. 

but for telecom companies, it will be hard to provide a 5G service to all parts of India. 5G will be available to use, only in urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, etc. 

Most probably if you are from a small city or village area, you will not get 5G service till 2022.

So if you are from an Urban city, then for you the right time to buy 5G devices will be mid-2021. As of that time, many devices would be there with a lot more new features at affordable prices. 

If you are from a small city or from the village area you can buy a 5G device during mid-2021 or you can wait till 2022 because there are more chances that you may get a better 5G compatible device with the latest feature at an affordable price. Also, it is hard to say whether 5G will be available in village areas till 2020 so take it with a pinch of salt.

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