Solutions To Fix Yono SBI OTP Not Coming

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In the digital age, online banking has become an essential part of our lives. State Bank of India (SBI) has been at the forefront of digital banking with its Yono (You Only Need One) platform, offering convenience and ease of access to its customers. Yet, some users have reported issues with receiving OTP (One-Time Password) on their mobile devices, causing inconvenience and frustration.

In this article, we will explore the possible solutions to fix the problem of not receiving OTPs from SBI Yono, whether it’s related to ATM card transactions, international usage, or general OTP delivery issues.

Solutions To Fix Yono SBI OTP Not Coming

1. Check Mobile Network and Signal Strength

One of the primary reasons for not receiving OTPs could be a weak mobile network or poor signal strength. Ensure that you have a stable network connection before initiating any transaction or OTP request. Try moving to an area with better network coverage or switch to a different network provider if necessary.

2. Verify Mobile Number and Registered Details

Ensure that your mobile number is correctly registered with your SBI Yono account. Sometimes, discrepancies in the registered mobile number can lead to OTP delivery failures. Contact SBI’s customer support to verify your registered details and update them if necessary.

3. Check Spam or Junk Folder

In certain cases, OTP messages from SBI Yono may be filtered as spam or junk by your mobile device or email service. Check your spam or junk folder to see if the OTP message has been mistakenly categorized.

If you find any SBI OTPs in the spam folder, mark them as “not spam” to ensure future OTP messages are delivered to your inbox.

4. Disable Do-Not-Disturb (DND) Settings

If you have activated Do-Not-Disturb (DND) settings on your mobile number, it can potentially block the delivery of OTP messages. Temporarily disable DND or add SBI’s official numbers to the whitelist to ensure uninterrupted OTP delivery. Contact your mobile service provider to understand and manage your DND settings effectively.

5. Update Yono SBI App

Outdated versions of the Yono SBI app may have compatibility issues leading to OTP delivery failures. Check for any available updates in your device’s app store and ensure that you are using the latest version of the Yono SBI app. Updating the app may resolve any known bugs or issues related to OTP delivery.

6. Contact SBI Customer Support

If the issue persists despite trying the above solutions, it is advisable to contact SBI’s customer support directly. They have dedicated support channels to address customer queries and technical issues promptly.

SBI Customer Care Toll-Free Number.

  • 1800112211.
  • 18004253800.

SBI Customer Care Emil Id-


Provide them with all the relevant details and describe the problem in detail. The customer support team should be able to assist you further and provide specific troubleshooting steps for your situation.


What to do if SBI OTP is not coming?

Start by checking if your mobile number is correctly registered with SBI. Ensure network connectivity, review SMS settings, and check spam folders. If the issue persists, contact SBI customer support for further assistance.

Why am I not getting an SMS from SBI Bank?

There could be several reasons for this, including an incorrect mobile number, network connectivity issues, SMS settings blocking unknown senders, or the messages being misclassified as spam. Check and rectify these aspects to resolve the problem.

Why am I not receiving OTP for net banking?

Ensure that your mobile number is correctly registered with SBI and that your network connectivity and SMS settings are functioning properly. If the problem persists, contact SBI customer support for assistance.

How can I activate OTP in SBI?

To activate OTP in SBI, ensure that your mobile number is registered with the bank. OTPs are usually sent automatically to the registered mobile number for various transactions or login attempts.


Experiencing difficulties in receiving OTPs from the Yono SBI platform can be frustrating, but with the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve the issue. Remember to keep your contact details updated with SBI, check network connectivity and SMS settings, and review spam folders regularly.

If the problem persists, reach out to SBI customer support for further assistance. By addressing the “Yono SBI OTP not coming” issue promptly, you can ensure the security and smooth functioning of your online transactions and account access.

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