MIUI 12: All You Need To Know About Ultra Battery Saver mode

Ultra battery saver modeThe batter is a very important aspect of any phone where in need there are various options to extend the battery charge.

MIUI 12 also have a good feature that is the ‘Ultra Battery Saver’ mode to save your battery charging for longer periods.

In this post, we will explain all details of Ultra Battery Saver mode in MIUI 12 so keep reading to know about it.

How to activate Ultra Battery Saver mode in MIUI 12

  1. Open Security app
  2. Go to the battery section
  3. Tap the activate button in front of ‘Ultra Battery Saver’
Another simple way to activate it is just
  • Swipe down to open ‘Control Centre’
  • Now just find Ultra Battery Saver and tap on it

How does Ultra Battery Saver mode work?

When we activate the Ultra Battery Saver mode it restricts various background activate by creating a virtual small working place where various activities are restricted such as:

  • Only 6 apps are allowed to work
  • The sleep timer is decreased to a 10 second
  • On the Control Centre, only 5 options are available

Thus by restricting various background processes it saves battery charge for future use.

How to enable/remove apps in Ultra Battery Saver mode

While in active Ultra Battery Saver you can observe the ‘+’ sign from where you can add apps you want to open.

In the upper-left corner, you will observe a note sign from where you can remove any app from the working space in this model.

How to turn off Ultra Battery Saver mode

In the upper-right corner, you will observe the ‘off’ sign tap that sign to turn off the Ultra battery saver mode.

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