14 Helpful Genuine Tips for Safer Web Browsing Experience

PicsArt 02 11 05.25.04Many of us use our smartphones more than 3 hours a day which includes browsing the internet on different sites. Most of the sites you browse will not affect your device but some of them may try to collect your personal data, infect your device with different kinds of malware, and do a lot of such things which actually can disturb your privacy.

All such threats can be easily avoided by following some simple tips, so reading this post till the end to know all of them.

11 Helpful Tips for Safer Web Browsing Experience

① Use trusted sites to download Software/apps

The software you gonna download and install from different sites will work with your operating system that is why it must be from a trusted source and developer.

There are a lot of sites that are filled with different malware and phishing content that is why you should only visit trusted and popular sites to download apps/software.

There are many useful software that requires to pay and take a licence that allows using the software. But many people tend to download free pirated versions of the software which may cause much more losses than you expect.

② Use of Security software

There are a few antiviruses that are excellent software you can use to avoid your device from different malware, privacy threats from different sites.

True protection will be only available with a paid version of such software so make sure you buy one paid security app to get the best security for your device.

③ Use strong passwords

Many of us like to use a simple password like Personal phone number, car number, Birthday date, etc. which is commonly used.

Spammers can easily guess such passwords, that’s why you should use a password of a minimum of 12 characters containing uppercase, symbols, numbers to make it hard to guess.

If you log in regularly to a specific site then you should use a trusted Password manager and change the password at a month or two-month interval.

④ Use a VPN

Whenever we use the internet we use it through a specific IP address.

But when a user uses the internet with a VPN he uses the IP which is encrypted, thus user browses the internet through this separate IP address, which hides the original IP address of a user, 

Due to active VPN, the user becomes anonymous and hard to trace and hack a user that is why you should have a VPN of at least paid version for the best privacy.

⑤ Avoid using public Wi-FI

If you are using public Wi-Fi anyone on the same WI-FI can easily track your internet activities, in such case you can activate your VPN connection so that your real IP is hidden due to which no one can track you through that WI-FI.

⑥ Keep Updating your operating system

After a specific time, hackers find breaches in a specific version of an operating system that can be used by them to spy on your device.

In the worst-case, all mobile with an outdated version of the software can be infected with malware which can cause a huge loss of users.

⑦ Avoid visiting video download sites

There are many video download sites such as movie download sites, adult sites, such websites are filled with pop-ups and links which are mostly aimed at phishing purposes or integrating different types of malware into your device that is why you should avoid such websites and use only trusted sites to watch videos and download them.

⑧ Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that includes a different process that verifies the ownership of your account.

You can use Two-Factor authentication on login for more security on some of the websites you use often or websites that are very important to you.

⑨ Use a secure browser

There are various browsers that actually comes with features that support your privacy.

Brave browser is a good example of it, which blocks popups and unnecessary advertisements while site visiting which may contain spammy links.

⑩ Avoid clicking on suspicious social media links or advertisements

While surfing on the internet you may have noticed different popups and redirects to other sites which are spammy sites full of phishing content.

To avoid such ads you can use an ad/popup blocker that will block ads while surfing the internet.

⑪ Use Sandbox

Sandbox is the software that creates a virtual environment on your PC which is totally separated and isolated from your actual working PC. 

While internet surfing if you feel a suspicious malware filled site but you still want to visit it for a reason without any fear in Sandbox where your any online activity will be in an isolated environment which will not affect your PC.

To use a browser in sandbox Shade Sandbox is best for you.

⑫ Open suspicious links in incognito mode

If you have a doubt on a specific message link/site, but you want to open it then you can try to open it in incognito mode of your browser so that your at least your security is not compromised.

⑬ Do money transactions only from well-known sites

If you want to buy some product or service from a site then buy only from a site that is well known to you as transaction details can be easily noted to steal your all money in future.

⑭ Be careful while uploading anything on the internet

Many of us occasionally share photos on social media without even thinking of that photo’s background scenario.

In a scenario, if someone uploads a picture in which mistakenly some confidential information like a credit card, debit card, address, etc is visible then anyone watching that picture can take advantage of that visible information.

That is why you should check the image before uploading it on social media.


These 14 tips are very effective, follow them and you will not face big issues regarding our browsing experience for sure.

If I have to say a few lines on these 14 tips then these are – Use secure browser like Brave, use incognito mode to visit suspicious links, all you do on the internet is not anonymous at all anyone can find to check it you can use paid VPN service to tackle this, don’t visit sites that are redirecting you to different spammy websites, don’t set passwords that are easy to guess for important accounts.

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