Your mobile number registered at the bank is different from the number verified on Google Pay

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With the ever-increasing reliance on digital payment methods, it has become crucial to ensure that our financial and online accounts are seamlessly interconnected.

However, it is not uncommon to encounter discrepancies between the mobile number registered at our bank and the one verified on popular payment platforms like Google Pay. This disparity can lead to complications when making transactions or receiving important notifications.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind such discrepancies and provide practical steps to resolve them, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free digital payment experience.

Your mobile number registered at the bank is different from the number verified on Google Pay

1. Understanding the Discrepancy

The mobile number registered at your bank and the one verified on Google Pay may differ due to various reasons. During the account setup process with your bank, you might have provided a different mobile number than the one associated with your Google Pay account.

Additionally, changes in phone numbers, multiple accounts, or technical errors during registration can contribute to this inconsistency.

2. Implications of Discrepancies

Having mismatched mobile numbers can lead to significant issues, including:

a. Transaction Failures: When attempting to make payments or transfers, transactions may fail if the mobile numbers do not match.

b. Failed Verification: Some merchants or services may use the registered bank mobile number for verification purposes. If the numbers are different, this verification process may be hindered.

c. Missed Notifications: Vital transaction alerts, payment reminders, or security alerts could be sent to the wrong mobile number, causing you to miss important updates.

3. Steps to Resolve Discrepancies

To rectify the mismatch between your bank’s registered mobile number and the one verified on Google Pay, follow these steps:

Contact your bank’s customer support to update your mobile number on record. Be prepared to provide identification and relevant account details for security purposes.

Open the Google Pay app, go to the settings, and ensure that your correct mobile number is verified. If necessary, follow the verification process again to ensure accuracy.

After updating both the bank and Google Pay records, verify that the mobile numbers match accurately on both platforms.

To confirm the issue has been resolved, perform a test transaction on Google Pay. If the payment goes through smoothly, it indicates successful synchronization.

4. Preventative Measures

To avoid future discrepancies, consider the following preventive measures:

a. Double-check Information: Whenever providing your mobile number during registration, ensure its accuracy and consistency across all platforms.

b. Regularly Update Records: If you change your mobile number, promptly update it with your bank and on Google Pay to prevent any future inconsistencies.

c. Monitor Notifications: Pay close attention to transaction notifications from both your bank and Google Pay to ensure you are receiving them on the correct mobile number.


Resolving discrepancies between the mobile number registered at your bank and verified on Google Pay is essential for a seamless digital payment experience.

By taking proactive steps to synchronize information and update records, you can avoid transaction failures and ensure you receive important notifications without delay.

Remember to always double-check the information you provide during registration and promptly update your mobile number when necessary to prevent any future discrepancies. Embracing these practices will empower you to make secure and hassle-free digital transactions, promoting financial convenience and peace of mind.

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