Solution: You’ve Reached the Maximum Units Allowed for Purchase of This items On Flipkart

Flipkart reached maxixmum units allowed

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and incorporated in Singapore as a private limited company.

Recently I was trying to buy a smartphone from Flipkart but it was showing You’ve reached the maximum units allowed for purchase of this item. It was irritating but I have found a solution to this error. In this post, I have shared that solution so keep reading this post till the end.

Solution: You’ve Reached the Maximum Units Allowed for Purchase of This item On Flipkart

This error is shown when you buy 3-4 or more smartphones or products in the same category. On Flipkart, this type of restriction is set to the purchase of products of a single category.

This restriction is set because many used to buy products from Flipkart and resell them locally at high prices. So to stop this Flipkart introduced this restriction before 2018.

To overtake this error you can do three things:

1. Order from another device

If you try to open a second account on the same device then it may give a problem sometimes thus try to order from another device and from another Flipkart account.

If you are not able to place an order from your device and get this error then I suggest you take another smartphone and open another account on it and then place the same order which is the best option in this situation.

2. Incognito Mode

Google Incognito Mode

Incognito/ Private browsing is a privacy feature in some web browsers. When you operate in such mode, the browser creates a temporary session that is isolated from the browser’s main session and user data where your browser acts as a new browser.

If you dont have another smartphone with you. Then open the Incognito mode of your browser and then create a different Flipkart account and place the same order while in the Incognito mode.

3. Ask your friend

If both the above method doesn’t work for you then. You can ask your friend or any relative to place an order for you. Most importantly dont forget to give your address to him.

So these were the three methods that I found if you found another way then do comment. Also, dont forget to mention your reaction.

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