Best 10 Android Apps to Add Text to Photos in 2021

Nowadays you may have seen attractive/inspirational photos are getting more popular because of their attractive and beautiful text structure.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram nowadays are full of these types of pictures. Many of them use apps that add attractive text to photos on there’s Android devices, which makes their photos more popular.

No matter how meaningful the texts on a photo are unless you present your text on photos in an attractive way.

And thus to make your text more attractive on the photo, we recommend using one of any app from our list of the Best Android Apps to Add text to photos in this post.

Best 10 Android Apps to Add Text to Photos

1. PixelLab :

PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
PixelLab is one of those apps which you can use to add text /quote professionally, in fact, you will find about 60 different options to customize the attractive text as you want from your imagination on the photo.

In PixelLab there are many free photos and beautiful quotes that you can access to use as you want.

Features :
➤ 100+ font choices
➤ 100+ Categorised quotes available to use
➤ Create 3D texts with many options
➤ You can customize the text’s Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3d text. 
➤ Single and Gradient colour options
➤ Add and customize stickers, emojis, and shapes you want
➤ You can remove the photo background in some cases
➤ 60+ options to help you customize your images.
➤ Photos free of Watermark

All of these features make Pixellab the best when it comes to editing text on photos, and that’s why it owns the first place on our list.

2. Add Text on Photo :

add text on photo
PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
If you aren’t satisfied yet want another great app for photo text editing with a wide option to edit text, we recommend using Add text to photo once and after some time you will get rid of all options. 

Features :
➤ About 800+ categorized fonts available
➤ 100+ emojis available while editing
➤ Save projects to work later. 
➤ Make 3D texts
➤ Different styles available
➤ Transparent image support
➤ Customize the text’s shadow, colour, size, opacity, background
➤ Undo and Redo option available while editing

3. Textee :

textee Photo Text on photos

PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
If you are searching for a simple to use app with simple text editing options this app is truly made for you. Whenever you open the Textee app, you will notice it’s a wide range of options and a simple, smooth experience while editing texts on the photo. Thus because of all these reasons we have given 2nd place to Textee app on our list.

Features :
➤ True user-friendly interface
➤  Smooth and fast actions
➤ Watermark free images
➤ More than 60+ fonts are available
➤ Change background colour of text highlight photos
➤ Basic photo editing options 
➤ Wide range of sample photos
➤ Free quotes for you.

Cons :
➤ 3D texts aren’t possible to make.

4.Phonto :


PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
Phonto is one of the most downloaded and trusted apps to edit texts over the photo. If you are looking for a photo text editor with more fonts this app means to you Phonto is mainly famous for providing over 200+ fonts in their app.

Features :
➤ 200+ fonts available
➤ You can customize text shadow, size, opacity, background, colour easily
➤ Make texts curvy
➤ Customize text colour, text stroke, text size, text background

Cons :
➤ Not user friendly.
➤ Fewer options to edit text on photos.

5. Text Candy :

Text Candy

PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
If you are not satisfied yet then Text Candy may fulfil your requirement. Text Candy is one of the best apps to edit text on photos and it has been rated 4.7 stars with 500k likes which indicates its great usability.

Features :
➤ Customize your text with many options like text size, text alignment, text colour,  text background, text shadow, and shadow colour.
➤ 200+ free template photos
➤ 1500+ inspiring and stunning quotes available to use
➤ 120+ vintage and retro style fonts
➤ Photos free of the watermark. 

Cons :
➤ Can’t make 3D texts.

6. Picture Quotes and Creator :

picture quotes and creator app

PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
If you are looking for a user-friendly and app filled with picture quotes this app is made for you. This app is truly user-friendly and almost all options are required for editing text on photos.

Features :
➤ Truly user-friendly and interactive interface. 
➤ Meaningful picture quotes are available to download.
➤ Option to add a person name from whom text originated
➤ Thousands of quotes are available to use which are categorized in different categories like love, motivation, etc. 
➤ 50+ fonts are available
➤ Have options to adjust text size, text opacity, text border, text shadow.

Cons :
➤ Photos output is watermarked.

7. Font Rush :

Font rush app

PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
In Android devices there are very few apps that actually can effectively edit texts for you and Font Rush is one of those apps.
Background images are categorized into about 10 categorize you can use where there are different background colours you can select and this is what Font Rush is different from other apps.

Features :
➤ More than 200+ fonts
➤ 250+ background images
➤ Use gradient background
➤ Change the text’s size, colour, shadow, background, opacity, hue, border, alignment.
➤ Blur background image
➤ 1000+ stickers to use

Cons :
➤ There are Watermarked photos and to remove the watermark either you have to watch an advertisement or purchase a subscription.

8. Textart :

PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
Textart aims to help users to edit texts easily, just you need to enter anything eye-catching and you can place them over photos you have chosen.
Its special feature is a neon feature that adds a lighting border to your text.

Features :
➤ More than 20 handpicked fonts
➤ Customize shadow, colour, size, opacity, a background of texts
Add neon effect to text
Add stickers, emoji.
➤ You can continue editing your text photo even after you close the app.
➤ Many photos categorized in different categorize are available to use in-app.
➤ Many categorized Suggestions for quotes are also available.
➤ Watermark free images

Cons :
➤ To use some basic options like a shadow, resizing, and opacity in Textart You’ll either need to purchase a Pro plan or you’ll need to watch videos. Thus due to this reason, we have given the 8th position to this app otherwise it would be a great app for editing texts over the photo.

9. Text On photo :

text on photo app
PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
Text On Photo is easy to use specially designed to effectively edit texts over the photo.
One of the different feature which separates Text On Photo from others is its Neon feature which adds the glow of colour you select.

Features :
➤ Easy to use user-friendly interface
➤ 100+ beautiful fonts
➤ Various categorized background images are available.
➤ More than 100 ornaments, badges, and stickers. 
➤ Change text colour, alignment, font, size
➤ Customize text stoke, style.

Cons :
➤ Text curve option not available
➤ Fewer colour options

10. TextO Pro :

TextO Pro

PicsArt 08 03 06.19.19
If you were searching for a text editor app that allows you to customize different words individually from the text then the TexO Pro app is meant for you.

Features :
➤ Allows to edit individual words from texts
➤ Edit your text’s colour, shadow, font, stroke, texture, format, Shaders
➤Simple easy to understand interface.

Cons :
➤ Free quotes not available
➤ 3D text is not possible to make

Final words :
In this post, we collected and enlisted these Best 10 Android Apps to Add Text to Photos in 2021 in which PixelLab, Add Text on Photo, Textee, Phonto and Text Candy are among the most popular and loved apps which you can prefer.

It doesn’t mean that other apps are bad at all, they also have some unique features which make them different from other apps.

Have any question regarding technology please ask in the comment box without any hesitation.

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