Google Mera Shaadi Kab Hoga ? गूगल मेरी शादी कब होगी ?

Google mera shaadi kab hoga
Google mera shaadi kab hoga

Are you here to know from Google, when will you get married? My Friends, let’s know when will you get married in future? Your marriage can be done tomorrow, this month or years no one knows. But your marriage will be done for sure when there will be the right time.

Even then, if you are interested in knowing when will you get married, then you must read this post till the end. When you ask this question to google assistant then it will give a very interesting and funny reply that’s what we are going to cover in this post.

Well, I have a great trick to know the answer to these common questions from google itself so stay connected to this post to know about it and also don’t forget to check out other amazing articles they are helpful and amazing just read them and let us know what are your feelings about those articles.

What is Google mera shaadi kab hoga ? गूगल मेरी शादी कब होगी ? :

Google Assistant is very useful and has more than 500 million users in the world, most of whom are from India.

That’s why people in India ask different questions in different local languages ​​and there are more than 19500 languages ​​in India out of which Google Assistant supports about 10 languages.

Out of these 10 languages, the Hindi language is known by most people in India and they can speak Hindi very well, so most of the people in India talk in Hindi with Google Assistant.

The question “Google mera shaadi kab hoga?” is the actual Hinglish phrase which means “Google when will I get married?”.

While writing this post I asked the same question to google assistant and what google assistant replied is our next point.

Replies of the Google Assistant when you ask “Google Mera Shaadi Kab Hoga”

To get the answer to your question first up all you should install Google Assistant. After all the setup now you are ready to ask the different personal questions to Google assistant. When you ask “Google mera shaadi kab hoga?” it will reply in 4 different ways which I have tried to explain below.

Reply when asked 1st time.

When you ask google assistant first time it says “यह बात तो सिर्फ़ आपका दिल बता सकता है! अपने दिल की बात सुनिए💗” which means “Only your heart can tell this! listen to your heart💗”.

Reply when asked 2nd time.

When you ask google assistant first time it says मेरा मानना है कि जब आप ख़ुद शादी के लिए तैयार हों, तभी आपको शादी करनी चाहिए 😃 💕” which means “I believe that when you yourself are ready for marriage, only then you should get married 😃 💕”.

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Reply when asked 3rd time.

Again, I closed the app and then again asked the same question to Google assistant again replied me differently “आपने पूछा तो एक गाना याद आया, “कभी ना कभी, कहीं ना कहीं, कोई ना कोई तो आएगा, अपना मुझे बनाएगा😍” which means “When you asked, I remembered a song, “Sometimes, somewhere or the other, someone or the other will come, will make you mine 😍”.

By the way, the song mentioned in this reply is an old 60’s song.

Reply when asked 4th time.

Again, I closed the app and then again asked the same question it again replied to me differently 4th time and said “मेरे ख़्याल से आप किसी से कम नहीं हैं, चाहें तो हम डेटिंग टिप्स खोज सकते हैं” which means “I think you are no less than anyone, if you want, we can find dating tips”.

Other Similar phrases/ sentences:

Friends, everyone in the world has to get married after a specific time, this question must have come in the mind of many boys or girls that when will I get married, after that, you must have asked an astrologer, asked a friend or google. Many peoples in India ask google different questions related to this like

  • गूगल मेरी शादी कब होगी ? (Google Meri Shadi Kab Hogi?)
  • गूगलजी मेरी शादी कब होगी ? (Google ji Meri Shadi Kab Hogi?)
  • गूगल मेरा शादी कब होगा ? (Google Mera Shadi kab Hoga?)
  • मेरे दोस्त की शादी कब होगी (mere Dost Ki shaadi kab hogi?)
  • गूगल मेरा शादी कहां होगा? (google mera shaadi kahan hoga?) and so on…

How to Download and Setup Google Assistant:

To download Google Assistant go to Play Store or any Android app download sites and search for Google Assistant then download and install the app.

After installing the app tap on the user icon and then go to Search Settings. Now you can customise many settings. But the most important setting is the language in which you have to choose the language you can speak and talk fluently.

Whatever language you choose google will also talk to you in that language thus make sure you can speak and understand that language.

hindi setting for google assistant

Google Assistant Features/ Things you can do with Google Assistant:

With Google Assistant you can do various things only by your voice, you just need to give input by talking and it will work. You need to touch your smartphone.

Without touching Smartphone you can use Google Assistant to-

Control connected smart devices.
Get information on whether.
Get direction to any destination.
Play offline or online music.
Make appointments and send messages.
Open apps on your phone
Run timers and reminders.
Set Reminder and run timer.
Ask for any online information.
Read your notifications.
Real-time language translations.

Similar voice Assistants like Google Assistant :

Microsoft Cortana
Apple Siri
Amazon Alexa


Hello, “Google Mera Shaadi Kab Hoga” is one of the most used phrases used by Hindi or Urdu speaking peoples around the world which is just like time pass. Other similar phrases are also used for which Google AI and Machine learning are capable of giving answers to your various question easily.

Do you chat with Google assistant? If yes then what is an exciting thing which you tried to ask Google assistant and what was the reply? Let us know by commenting below other people will also find it interesting.

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