Proven Effective ways To Reduce usage of Computers and Smartphones

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In this 21st century, everyone is busy checking their smartphone and computers. In fact, everyone is busy checking who is online on WhatsApp, watching some fun Instagram Reels, watching YouTube videos, watching movies, etc etc.

In fact, I myself get very busy on my smartphone and laptop as most work is on it and I manage my onscreen time well. But I have seen my friends very busy on smartphones doing nothing special or important.

I always give advice to my friends about reducing the use of smartphones and computers. By assuming you are friends I am writing this post to my friends to suggest the best ways that I personally use to reduce the usage of Computers and Smartphones.

Proven Effective ways To Reduce usage of Computers and Smartphones

① Turn Off Notifications

Many times you get disturbed and engaged due to notifications that come on your smartphone. Pixmania’s online report shows that people who check emails more than 20 times a day spend more than 2 hours a day. Turning off the notifications of Gmail can help you a lot or try to check only important emails.

To turn off notifications of specific apps on Android or iPhone go to settings and try to find notifications option and turn off the notifications of the app that disturbs you most.

turn off instagram notification
Turn off Instagram Notifications

Also, you can turn off the notifications of specific WhatsApp groups, Instagram groups, Facebook groups, etc so that they won’t disturb you.

② Deactivate Mobile Data

Most notifications come as you turn on the data. If you don’t want to turn off notifications in such cases you should turn off your Mobile data. 

Thus by turning off Mobile data you will not get any social media notifications. While doing some work do turn off Mobile data.

③ Avoid Online Communication from People

Many times people chat for hours with friends and relatives, also with some unknown people.

To avoid such cases you can meet them personally, in this case, you can share your more thoughts accurately and you will definitely not get any eye strain that’s for sure and this will be an even more effective chat than having a chat online.

④ Find other Diversions

Many times you feel to check your Instagram or TikTok videos at that time to you should find other tasks at your home like cleaning, fixing doors or other work. 

Many people get addicted to the games they should slowly take diversions from games and play offline real sports games such as football, cricket, hockey or any other sport you can join a nearby club to you to play them dedicatedly.

⑤ Limit Use at Bed Time

use smartphone night edited

I have seen many of my friends using phones overnight they say I couldn’t sleep so I took my mobile and sat down and then I didn’t know when it was 3 o’clock at night.

Many kinds of research have found that using smartphones at the nighttime for long hours disturbs the natural body cycle which arises many other diseases. Thus if you want to be healthy then Sleep early as possible in the night and try to wake up at 5 to 7 AM which is known as Brahmamuhurtha. Also, you can Turn Off Your Phone One Hour Before Bed…

⑥ Track Your Usage

Install An App That Limits Your Use Of TechnologyIf you think you are really got addicted to smartphones and laptops then you should start tracking your device usage information.

To know what app you’re using most you can go to settings in your android and find usage statistics and in Windows PC go to Settings -> Privacy -> Activity History.

Now once you find what apps or software which you are using most try to find the diversion or try to limit the of that app, ultimately try to tackle your FOMO.

⑦ Tackle Your FOMO

Tackle fomo

FOMO means fear of missing out.

Do you feel that you’re missing out on important news or information if you don’t check your phone regularly? Do you need to check social media compulsively because you are worried that others are having a good time or living a more exciting life than you? You should also avoid getting up at night to check your phone for such silly FOMO.

Truth is that you should allocate a short time for such entertaining and informational content and focus more on the things which can actually give you benefit i.e you should learn how to tackle your FOMO.

Most of the Social media apps like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest are designed in such a way that scrolling will not limit the content and human psychology enjoys such things mostly.

If you are really into social media then find the way through it to find your passion and follow such people so that you don’t lose your focus.

Although we use social media apps a lot and it can be difficult to live without, try deleting or top using such apps and see how much time you can earn back.

⑨ Digital Detox Day

If you really want to be free from this Social media world and want to be free from this addiction then you should try digital detox day.

On Digital Detox Day, you are not allowed to use any smartphone, laptop, TV or anything digital and enjoy the day with family, go for a long ride, reading books, tracking or anything that sounds interesting but remember using any digital device will be restricted for only emergency purpose.

At the end of the Day, you will be very happy and satisfied and confident also to find a way through addiction and achieve your desired goals.

Be Flexible In Exploring Your Off-Screen Limits

⑩ No-text week

If you think full-day digital detox day is a great idea then this idea is also fabulous to try. You just have to avoid all unnecessary online chats for a week and by following this you also do it for 21 days. because Psychology says if you do something different than usual for more than 2 days then you can accept that thing.

By doing no-text week many people have shown positive responses and they said we feel positive and full of energy by following this method.

⑪ Use Physical Versions of Useful Apps

If you love playing Cricket then try to play it on real ground, not on your device. Hungry for Daily News! then try to read the Newspaper to get daily NEWS, If you want o note down something then instead of using a smartphone or laptop Keep a notebook and Pen with you.

similarly, there are various scenarios where you can try to keep your distance from digital devices and use a physical version.

⑫ Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends

friends help edited

If you have some good friends and then ask some friends for tips to get out from addiction to smartphones and ask them what methods they follow in such situations. true friends will always give you 100% trustworthy ideas and definitely will help you to get out of smartphone addiction.

What are your methods to tackle the addiction or dependency of digital devices. Your thoughts will definitely help other people to tackle such situations. So come forward and write your way we are looking forward in the comment box.

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