How to Delete Status of Others In Your WhatsApp

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Many times due to the annoying status of some people you may get disturbed. To help you delete such status we are here to guide you to hide/delete the status updates of someone/others.

There are few ways to delete WhatsApp status updates we have tried to explain them one by one.


① Deleting chats:

By using this way, you will be able to delete status updates of others in just a few seconds.

To delete status just go to WhatsApp and clear chat of the person you dont want to see the status of.

To delete the chat go to the chat section of WhatsApp and long press and delete the chat of that person.

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Afterwards, you will not receive any status updates from that person.

② Using Files manager:

When you watch some status on Whatsapp, they are saved to your storage. You can delete these downloaded statuses. If you are following this method just for cleaning your smartphone then it will not be beneficial as WhatsApp status in storage are automatically deleted as status are being deleted.

To delete status from your storage go to Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media in media file find an option ‘Show hidden files’ and tap on it. Now .Statuses folder will be visible to you, just go in that folder and find the status you want to delete and delete it.

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After deleting status from your storage you will not be able to see the status of that person again and it will say ‘sorry, this media file doesn’t exist on your internal storage’.


③ Change date and time of your device:

By using this trick, It is better to say that you hide status than delete the status of others.

To apply this trick go to the settings app of your smartphone and find the Time and Date option in Additional settings. Now turn off network-provided time and set the time 24 hours ahead of the time when the person added his status. Now go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > and find the force stop button and tap on it. Now the status will be hidden.

Change date an time to hide statuses

To understand it well take the example of Rahul And You. Now if Rahul set his status update on the same day at 12:00 PM. Now if you set the time of the next day and 1:00 PM and force stop WhatsApp, boom! Rahul’s status will disappear even though Rahul have active status.

You can use this trick to prank on your friends.


④ Block the Contact: 

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When you block a contact then that contact’s status will not be shown to you and vice versa.

To block Someone just open the chat section of that person and go to its settings where you can find the block option. After blocking that person both of you will not be able to see the status onwards.


⑤ Mute:

If you are annoyed by someone’s status or if you don’t want to see someone’s status then you can Mute them. To mute a person just go to the Status section of Whatsapp then long tap on the person’s status you want to mute and tap mute. Now the status of the person you muted will be available to you, but below all the status updates.


Final Words:

So these were three ways you can use to delete the status of someone or in bulk, some of them are used to just hide Status.

I hope you got your way to hide a status from your Whatsapp easily, don’t forget to comment what way you liked to delete the status.


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