Turn Any Smartphone Into Wireless Security Camera

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Do you own some old camera phone that you don’t use and it is mouldering in your drawer or anywhere? do you know you can use that smartphone in a very helpful way.

Yes you heard right you can use it as a wireless security camera, just go through this post and you will have use of that old phone and don’t have to sell it at a cheap price.

You Can Also Use Your Old Smartphone Into A Baby Monitor, But according to me Turning It Into A Wireless Security Camera Is Really Awesome and a great idea.

Requirements To Turn Any Smartphone Into Wireless Security Camera

  • Two Smartphones. One For Camera And Another For Monitoring The Footage. You Can Use Your Old Phones As Camera.
  • Alfred Home Security Camera App or you Can Also Use The IP Webcam App.
  • A Google Account (To Sign In To The Application).
  • Places, Where You Can Put Your Smartphone As A Security Camera.
  • Active Internet Connection.
  • Power Supply To Your Camera Device.

Steps To Follow To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wireless Security Camera.

Step 1

Get A Security Camera App (On Your Old Phone) To Convert Smartphone Into a Wireless Security Camera.

To Make Your Old Smartphone As A Security Camera, You Will Need To Install A Security Camera App On Your Phone. For That, You Can Use The Alfred Home Security Camera App Or The IP Webcam App.

Most Of The Security Camera App Provide You with Some Same Features Like:

  • Remote Access Stream Live Video Wherever You Are.
  • Motion Detection And Instant Alert.
  • Free Cloud Storage.
  • Save And Keep Videos.
  • Both Front Camera And Rear Camera Access.
  • Zooming Features.

So Most Of The Security Camera App Are Ideal For You. But I Will Show You All The Process Of the Alfred Home Security App Because It’s Cross-Platform Make It Is To Use For Both IOS And Android Device Users.

Step 2

Getting Ready Your New Phone To Convert Your Smartphone Into Wireless Security Camera.
Now We Are On Our Halfway To Converting Your Old Smartphone Into A Security Camera. Just Follow These Steps.

Download Alfred App On Your iOS Or Android.
Read Or Skip The App Introduction And Click On Start Button.
Select Camera (In Old Phone) And Click On Next.
In The Next Page, Click On Sign In With Google (Need A Google Account To Proceed).
Login With Your Google Credentials To Continue.
Now Follow The next Steps Below.

Step 3

Select A Spot To Mount Your New Security Camera.
After Setting Up Your Camera App, It’s Time To Choose A Better Spot To Place Your New Security Camera.

Before Selecting A Spot To Place Your Security Camera, Keep In Mind That You Should Choose A Place From Where You Can Keep Eye On Your Valuables Or The Part Of Your House You Care About.

You May Want To Focus On Entry Point Of Your Home, Or A Particular Place You Might Think Insecure. You Can Also Use Your New Security Camera As A Baby Monitoring Device.

So Place It According To Your Need And Preference. To Place Your Security Camera, You Can Use A Small Mobile Tripod Or Any Mobile Holding Device. You Can Purchase It On Amazon.

How To See The Footage On Desktop?
Alfred Has Introduced A New Feature By Which You Can Also Check Your Footage On Your Laptop Or Desktop Screen.

  • You Just Have To Go On Https://Alfred.Camera/ Or Click Here.
  • After That Click On Webview Option Or Click Here
  • Sign In With The Same Login Credential And You Are Up.

Step 4

Make A Power Supply To Your Security Camera.
This Is The Final And Most Important Step To Follow After You Set Up Of Your Devices And Placed It On Your Spot.

Provide A Power Supply To Your Security Camera To Avoid Running It Out Of Power. For That, You Can Choose A Place Where You Can Easily Plug Your Charger Or Simply Use A 10-Feet Long USB Cable To Supply The Power 24 X 7.

You Are Now Successfully Created A New Security Camera Using Your Old Phone. Enjoy Your Security And Must Share This Article With Your Friends And Family, So They Can Be Secure Too.

If You Got Any Error Or Want Any Help, Feel Free To Contact Us Or Simply Comment On This Post Below.

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