Top 10+ Impossible/ Hard Pattern Locks Designs

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Smartphone has different security options and pattern lock is one of that security. There are millions of patterns possible, amongst them, some patterns are complicated to draw.

If someone sees you drawing an easy or common pattern they can copy you easily, thus many people try to set difficult cum hard to recognize patterns so that no one can replicate the pattern. Also, some people search for the most complicated pattern lock for Android which you can see below.

In this post, we have provided 10+ impossible and hard lock patterns which are beautiful and useful too. So keep reading this post till the end to know them.

The starting point of the pattern has been colored blue.

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Top 10+ Impossible/ Hard Pattern Locks Designs

Before going down you should know the code for each dot. As there are 9 dots in the lock system. The code for each dot is as follows –

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1. Serpentine pattern lock design

Serpentine pattern lock design

2. T shape/ Z shape Zigzag pattern

T shape/ Z shape Zigzag pattern

3. Arrow Pattern Lock

Arrow Pattern Lock

4. Star/ complicated pattern lock

Star complicated pattern lock

5. Star pattern lock

Star pattern lock

6. Tripple Z / multiple Z Pattern lock

multiple Z Pattern lock

7. Arrow/ Symbol Pattern lock

Symbol Pattern lock

8. Complicated Star Pattern lock

Complicated Star Pattern lock

9. W/ T Pattern Lock

W Pattern Lock, T pattern lock

10. Multiple N pattern Lock

N pattern Lock

11. Cross/ hard Pattern lock

hard Pattern lock

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