Top 10 most downloaded and used apps in India in 2019

Most used top 10 apps in India in 2019

In the present era of technology every person who is carrying a smartphone to stay updated to this fast-growing techy world, where many apps help smartphone users to stay connected to this techy world.

In this case, India is one of the most app user countries in the world, where there are a variety of apps used by Indian users.

There are many apps available to download online on many stores, out of them some get popular for some period, but on other hand, some get millions of downloads not because they are popular but because they provide very good service and care for users of there app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Pay, etc.

Such apps we have covered in this article of Top 10 most downloaded and used apps in India in 2019.

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This list includes the apps which have to be downloaded in most mobiles, with users per month we have provided proof with a link and we have ranked apps according to no of users per month in 2019.

Top 10 most downloaded and used apps in India in 2019

1. WhatsApp
WhatsApp messenger

From the day of WhatsApp launched in 2010 in India many of user has accepted it as the primary social communication medium, and till date, India has the most WhatsApp users through the world using it daily.

WhatsApp suddenly increased users when they launched WhatsApp 2.0 version in it’s starting days and gained large popularity. In WhatsApp not only you can send messages but also you can share music, photos, documents, location, and also you can make voice calls or Video Calls.

According to Tech Crunch, there was an average of 400 million monthly users of WhatsApp in India in 2019.

WhatsApp developers have improved it with changing times and made WhatsApp more user-friendly, that’s why WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded and used app considering communication apps.

2. MX Player

Mx player

    MX Player is a video player app and presently one of the top media streaming services created by J2 Interactive and is officially owned by Times group.
    It features advanced video playing, subtitle support, offline video playing, music, background player, and much more advanced features, especially for video playing.
    Karan Bedi the Chief Executive of MX Player recently said

    We ended 2019 with 280 million monthly active users

    in an interview with Economic Times.

    As the market for MX players in India is large MX player has introduced streaming services especially for India.

    3. Facebook

    Facebook app

    In India, those Who don’t know Facebook, from elders to youngsters all are familiar with Facebook.

    It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4 February 2004. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms which is accepted throughout most countries in the world.

    On Facebook, you can make your profile upload photos, make friends, and also can run a page which may be run by a group of peoples. Also, there are many associate programs that are run by Facebook.

    As of Statista report in October 2019, there are more than 269 million monthly users of Facebook in India, which counts for 11% of all Facebook users throughout the world. Recently Some articles are had said that Facebook app users and active users are decreasing day by day.

    4. Messenger

    Messenger app
    Messenger is a free app which widely used and has one of the largest user bases in India. In the Messenger app, you can chat with your friends, check your friend’s Facebook profiles, and much more.

    When Facebook was introduced on 4 February 2004 message sending was an inbuilt feature for a few years. On 9 August 2011 Facebook separated the messaging facility and launched the Messenger app for Android and IOS platforms.

    Usually, Facebook doesn’t allow easily to 
    Statista report says messenger users in India have been recorded averagely 205.6 million in the 2019 year, this indicates many people in India are connected by messenger majorly. Considering the market in Social messaging WhatsApp is the biggest competitor for Messenger.


    Shareit app
    Started in 2015 Shareit is basically one of file sharing tool which uses a mobile hotspot and Wifi to share files between mobiles with fast speed, which is liked through the world. You can share apps, music, videos, documents, and much more.

    In an interview with Shareit India CEO Karam Malhotra, he said that India is the most important market for Shareit in the world, with over 200 million monthly active users in India alone.

    Fall back two years ago Shareit announced that they are making a partnership with Times Music, From this treaty, there has been video content made available in different languages.

    6. Hotstar

    Hotstar app

    Star India in February 2014 officially launched Hotstar app and website, which was made especially for the Indian audiences also they have acquired official rights in streaming IPL from 2015 and onwards.

    India’s one of the big tech blog Tech Crunch said in April 2019 Hotstar users were 150+million. In ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Hotstar was a streaming partner, where Hotstar made a record of 25.3 million concurrent views on India vs Newzealand Semifinal match.

    Hotstar is presently served in only four countries that are India, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom.

    Many Star India channel shows are now available to watch anytime on it, where some of the shows are premium and can be watched only with the purchase of Hotstar VIP for which currently yearly plan is only of 365 Rs. which is affordable for many Indians.

    7. TikTok

    Tiktok app
    Tiktok has announced they are the 7th most downloaded app of the decade from 2010-19.
    It is basically a music-based app where you can record your videos with particular music and publish them. Especially in youngsters, there is more craziness of making a video on TikTok.
    Its first name was, then it was renamed TikTok.
    In June 2019 TikTok itself announced monthly active users in India which was120 million.
    On 17th April 2019, Tiktok was banned from India and was removed from Play Store and App Store. The reason stated by courts was “encourages Pornography”. After some days TikTok said they have removed over 6 million videos that were violating there policies and guidelines and ensured Indian High Courts that they will check such content on their app from now, lastly on 25th April ban was lifted by the government and the app was again available to download from Play Store and App Store.

    8. Truecaller
    Truecaller app

    Truecaller is basically an app featuring caller identification, call-blocking, flash messaging, call recording, chat, and voice which uses the Internet.

    Truecaller is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB which was launched on 23 September 2009 for Android and IOS platforms.

    Truecaller co-founder and CEO Alan Mamedi in February 2019 announced they have reached 100 million daily users active alone from India.

    9. Instagram

    Instagram app

    Instagram is also one of the huge social media apps where, a person can upload his photos, videos and make them available publically, it is kind of similar to Facebook but Instagram is more focused on photos rather than content.

    Many Indian celebs and models use to have their professional accounts on Instagram and thus this may be the big reason why Instagram is on our list.

    As of October 2019, there were 73 million users as per Statista.

    Since 2016-17 from the Jio launch, Instagram users have drastically increased in India. There are many fraud incidents have been reported where peoples are scammed by some fake accounts, So be aware when using it.

    10. Google Pay

      Google pay app

    For the past two years, many people were started preferring Unified Payments Interface(UPI) where the money is directly exchanged between bank accounts. Google Pay is one of these.

    On 27 August 2017 Tez app was launched in India by Google and after exactly one year that is on 28 August 2018, it was renamed Google Pay.

    As of Financial Express in India, there were 67 million monthly active users of Google Pay reported in September 2019, where its biggest competitor Phonepe users had 55 million monthly active users in June 2019.

    From Google Pay, you can recharge your mobile, set-top box, pay your electric bills, share money to your friend’s account, and much more.

    Following list UC Browser, Phonepe, Flipkart, Helo are some of the apps with increasing users day by day.

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