How To Use Jio Sim Outside India | International Roaming | FAQ

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Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, doing business as Jio, is an Indian telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Jio Platforms, headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It operates a national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles. 

If you are going abroad and want to use Jio then you can use Jio easily by using the international roaming service. Keep reading this post till the end to know how you can use the internet and calling of Jio outside India.

How can you use Jio in other countries i.e in foreign

You can easily use Jio in other countries outside India. You just have to activate international roaming on your Jio sim. However dont expect a very good experience of using Jio sim in other countries as there will be medium, average to low performance of Jio sim.

How to activate international roaming on the MyJio app or

You can see and buy international easily from either the MyJio app or the Jio website.

MyJio App

  1. Open the MyJio App.
  2. Login to your account using the same number.
  3. Go to the ‘Mobile’ section from the navigation menu.
  4. Scroll down and go to ‘International roaming’.
  5. You will have to select the country in which you are and then you can choose a different one.
jio international roaming 1
Jio International option in Jio App

Jio Website

  • Sign in to your account by entering your Mobile number.
  • Go to Mobile option > International Services > Choose the country and you will be able to see Plans for your country.
  • Otherwise, follow this link.

How to choose and buy an international plan of Jio

When you navigate to the international plan section you can choose the country and then accordingly you will see different plans for Jio.

When you choose a country you get many one-day, one-week, and monthly plans. Plans are categorised to:

  • ISD calls.
  • Value Pack without WiFi Calling – applicable in 100+ countries.
  • Value Pack with WiFi Calling – applicable in 100+ countries.
  • Unlimited Pack without WiFi Calling – Applicable in 22 countries.
  • Recharge before onboarding and enjoy mid-air connectivity with internet access, outgoing calls, and SMS.

And at the end, you will see a table of charges(Standard PayGo Rates) for a local call, call to India, call to the rest of the World, incoming call, Outgoing SMS, and Mobile Data.

Standard PayGo Rates of Jio in the USA

CountryLocal Call (Rs/Min)Call to India (Rs/Min)Rest of the world (Rs/Min)Incoming Call (Rs/Min)Outgoing SMS (Rs/SMS)Mobile Data (Rs/10 KB)
JIo USA Paygo rates

How much time it will take to activate the international Roaming plan on Jio?

You will receive a message once International roaming has been activated. You can check your credit limit, or you can enhance it, if you wish to, by continuing the journey. Click on ‘Enhance credit limit’. Enter the amount you wish to increase the credit limit by, and make the payment. You will get benefits according to the IST time

International Roaming will be activated within 4 hours of buying the pack. Please ensure that your SIM is connected to the Jio network during this period. Your phone will stop receiving signals once the activation process begins, thereafter you will have to restart your phone for your request to be processed.

How to activate Roaming in your Smartphone

  1. Swipe up on the home screen to access your apps.
  2. Tap “Settings”, then tap “Connections”.
  3. Tap “Mobile Networks”.
  4. Tap the switch to activate or deactivate “Data Roaming”.

Please note: If the Data Roaming switch is greyed out, check that Mobile data is activated.

In which countries you can use Jio SIM?

Unlimited packs offered by Jio are valid in Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States, and more countries in total Jio have plans supported in 100 countries.

Experience of Jio with International Roaming

I have personally watched and found some very useful videos regarding internal roaming so I recommend watching them once.


Telecom operators have roaming agreements with each other, for example, consider that you are a subscriber of Jio in India and you visit Brazil. Then Jio India would have made agreements with any operator in Brazil for such roaming subscribers say with TIM Brazil.

So the moment you switch on your mobile phone upon reaching Brazil you would be connected to TIM’s network as a roaming subscriber. Your profile would be sent from the HLR in your home country (Jio in this case) to the VLR (Visitor Location Register) of TIM in Brazil.

Then Your usage will be simultaneously tracked by both the sim providers. And to ensure a good experience both network provider companies will charge you with an extra service charge. That is why you will see expensive international roaming plans most of the time.

You can contact Jio support at +91 70188 99999 (charges applied). In addition, if you have questions then you can check at

You can log in to the Jio website from any corner of the world and then check your international roaming balance. Or you can log in to your account to the MyJio app.

You check the International roaming status on the Jio website and MyJio app easily. Or you can dial *333# to check your account status.

Your bill depends on how and how much you use your number outside India. If you have not taken any International Roaming plan and use your phone normally as you do in India, there is a high chance of you getting a very high bill. It is, therefore, advisable to use your phone on International Roaming only with a pack. You can safeguard yourself from high bills by choosing from the best international roaming plans.

To receive SMS firstly you have to turn on Roaming on your smartphone as I mentioned above. Then you may be able to receive SMS its most of the time free. It’s free for Prepaid as well as Postpaid.

But if you are not receiving SMS then you have to recharge your sim with the International roaming plan that can activate your SMS receiving.

No, International roaming services do not work on JioFi and JioPhone devices.

You’ll need to activate international roaming on your mobile phone before you travel overseas in order to receive the One-Time Pin (OTP). Contact your network provider for additional information.

Check that data roaming is on in dual sim card settings. Switch off your mobile. Remove both the sims. Insert only the JIO sim in slot 1 and do not insert the other sim. Besides roaming issues, if you have other issues then you can check our posts:

Final Words

We explained all stuff related to the International roaming Jio, If I have missed anything please let me know in the comment section. Also, do comment your opinions and experience on this.

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