5 Stong Reasons Core Gamers Should Have a Gaming VPN They Can Rely On

Strong reasons core gamers hould use vpn
Esports fans and other gamers have employed the use of various tools to better their gaming over time. Besides gaining a competitive advantage, these tools also allow them to better protect themselves and their interests when they are gaming.

This makes sense, given the focus around Esports and other online competitions these days. Checking through a series of top gamers, it is not uncommon to find that they have subscribed to the use of VPN for gamers and for different purposes both on PC and Android gamers.

But why, we ask?

Well, there are 5 strong reasons we would like to explain to you which will clear away all doubts in your mind for sure.

1. Reduce Ping

The core game player from the central server could impact the speed of their gaming. In high-activity games like first-person shooters, a tiny lag could be the difference between completing a level and losing to an opponent. Thus, gamers are always in search of ways to reduce their ping.

VPNs get that done just fine.

Since these pieces of software can allow gamers to connect to different servers, they can connect to one server closer to the central one which will reduce the gap between your working server and gaming server which will ultimately reduce the ping to the best possible number.

Of course, some free VPNs will not speed up your internet speed but they will slowly pull your internet to a slower side that’s why we recommend using a VPN on Android and PC device of a paid service, which will result in the best possible speed of your internet, where you will get The best ping possible while playing an online game.

2. Security

Perhaps the biggest use of a VPN in the gaming niche is for the security that it brings to the table.

It is not unheard of for some gamers to hack the accounts of other gamers. This hack becomes easier when the network of the supposed victim can easily be breached. The same is true for when the hacker gets personal information about the victim by monitoring their internet traffic.

Leveraging the diverse servers in different locations, gamers can connect to the internet without being found out. Thus, they play anonymously without fear of losing any data so that no personal identity can be lost online,

3. Eliminate Throttling

Data service providers sometimes throttle the data connection speed.

Sometimes, it is to accommodate all of the users on the network per time by allocating a limited bandwidth to them all. At other times, their intentions are not so noble.

If they observe that a certain user is consuming large traffic of data in a short time, they could throttle the data speed. Core gamers know that such situations could negatively impact the eSports experience. Fortunately, a VPN makes sure this will no longer be an issue.

Again, all it takes is to connect through the numerous servers on a VPN. Once that is done, the internet traffic is encrypted so much that even internet service providers do not see what you are doing over the internet. When that happens, they cannot throttle you anymore.

4. Enjoy banned games 

There are many good games that are banned in some countries because of breaking national policies, for instance, Call Of Duty, Far Cry, God Of War, and many such games are banned in Germany making them unaccessible to native people.

Where in this case many game lovers can actually use a VPN and change their server to a country where these games aren’t banned which will give access to play these awesome banned games by using a good VPN.

5. Always Stay Safe

Besides using a VPN, there are other things to do to stay safe online. From avoiding phishing and malware attacks to not connecting to public/ free Wi-Fi networks, make sure you are not leaving anything to chance.

Likewise, getting a gaming VPN is a sure gateway to accessing location-locked gaming content, entering foreign contests, and more.

While it brings a slew of features to protect you and improve your gaming, it also packs quite the punch in improving your overall experience and reach.

Tips to use VPN for better Gaming.

We’ve talked about free VPN and its unusability in Gaming, so only paid VPN subscribers can take full advantage of these tips.

➤ For choosing the best good service VPN search online for reviews of people and choose according to that.

➤ Also while choosing, go with a VPN having a wide range of servers with having multiple servers in the same country which will be very useful for you in the future.

➤ While connecting to VPN choose the server close to the server of the game which could actually give the best ping possible.

➤ While playing an online game with an active VPN constantly check the ping, if it is high then try connecting to an alternate best server possible.

➤ To play banned games connect the server to a country where game service is presently very good.

If you have any questions regarding tech or VPN topics then don’t forget to ask in the comment box I will definitely try to answer them as quick as possible.

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