Solutions to Flipkart 404 Error on PC and Smartphone

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If you’re an avid online shopper in India, then you’ve most likely come across Flipkart, one of the largest e-commerce websites in the country. While shopping on Flipkart is generally a smooth experience, occasionally you may encounter a 404 error.

This error message can be frustrating and can prevent you from completing your purchase. In this article, we’ll explore some solutions to fix the Flipkart 404 error on both PC and smartphone devices.

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What is a 404 error?

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that indicates that the server cannot find the requested webpage. In other words, the page you’re trying to access on Flipkart is not available. This can occur due to various reasons, such as a broken link, a typo in the URL, or the page being removed or moved.

Solutions to Fix Flipkart 404 Error on PC

  1. Refresh the page- This is the simplest solution and often works. Click on the refresh button or press F5 on your keyboard to reload the page. Sometimes, the page may have been temporarily unavailable, and refreshing the page can fix the issue.
  2. Clear browser cache and cookies- Sometimes, outdated cache and cookies can cause issues with the website. To fix this, clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Go to your browser’s settings and clear the cache and cookies. Then, try accessing the website again.
  3. Check the URL- Double-check the URL you entered to ensure there are no typos or errors. Make sure you’ve entered the correct URL, including any special characters.
  4. Use a different browser- If the above solutions don’t work, try accessing Flipkart on a different browser. This can help you identify whether the issue is specific to your browser.

Solutions to Fix Flipkart 404 Error on Smartphone

  1. Close and reopen the app- This is the easiest solution for smartphone users. Close the Flipkart app and reopen it. Sometimes, this can resolve the issue.
  2. Clear the app cache and data- Clearing the app cache and data can often fix issues with mobile apps. Go to your phone’s settings, select “Apps,” find the Flipkart app, and clear the cache and data.
  3. Update the app- Ensure that you have the latest version of the Flipkart app installed. Go to the app store and check for any updates.
  4. Reinstall the app- If none of the above solutions work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Flipkart app. This will reset the app and can often fix any issues.


A 404 error on Flipkart can be frustrating, but it’s usually easy to fix. By following the solutions outlined above, you should be able to resolve the issue and continue shopping on Flipkart. If the issue persists, contact Flipkart’s customer support for further assistance.

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