Solutions to Meesho OTP Not Receiving Problem

Solutions to Meesho OTP Not Receiving Problem

Meesho, an Indian eCommerce platform backed by Meta, has received US$192 million from its US-based parent firm, Meesho Inc., Entrackr reported. Meesho operates as an online reselling platform that enables anyone to start a business without investment.

Recently I was trying to sign in to my Meesho account but the OTP code was not receiving, thus to solve the issue I found some ways which solved the problem of OTP not receiving Meesho. I have shared the solution in this post.

So read the post till the end to know different solutions to solve this issue and don’t forget to comment on which solution worked for you. Your comment will definitely help others also to know the best solution to this error.

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Solutions to Meesho OTP Not Received Problem

1. Set a date and time

Due to the wrong date and time, this error is most common so you just have to set the correct date and Time.

  1. From your home screen, navigate to smartphone Settings.
  2. Then Tap General.
  3. Go to Date & Time.
  4. Now make sure that the option Set Automatically is turned on.
  5. If this option is turned off, check that the correct Date, Time, and Time Zone are selected.

2. Double check number

Just for rechecking make sure you have typed the Phone number, many times people in hurry make mistakes while typing the number. Due to this OTP verification is not possible.

3. Clear the Cache

A cache is just a file that is used to make future processes of the app faster, which can be deleted, and deleting them will not create any major problem, in a result, it can solve your meesho delivery OTP not received.

To clear the cache of Messaging app follow the steps given below:

  1. Open ‘Settings App‘ and go to the ‘Apps‘ section.
  2. Now find Messaging app and open the App info of it.
  3. Now Tap on Clear Data.
  4. Find Clear Cache and tap on it.

In a similar way also clears the cache of the Meesho app.

clear cache messaging 1
Clear Cache of Messaging app

4. Check the internet

Sometimes your current internet source becomes useless for using Meesho in such cases you get an error. Even some have reported that weak Internet can cause an interruption in verifying your authority on WhatsApp.

So, try connecting to different Internet if available. If you have different network provider Internet then try using that, or if you have broadband WI-FI then try using that too, in some cases this solution works!

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5. Update Meesho:

I have experienced this WhatsApp error due to the old version of Meesho. The new version of Meesho comes with the latest features and add-ons which aren’t supported by the old version. Thus try to update Meesho through the Play store.

Follow the steps given below to update Meesho Messenger:

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Search “Meesho”.
  3. If an Update is available then update Meesho.

6. Restart your Smartphone

Sometimes there is a bug in the working Android or iOS device which is the root cause of this problem and it doesn’t allow your smartphone to work normally. So to sort out such bugs you just have to restart your smartphone and it will fix most of the bugs easily.

7. Put your Sim on another phone

If you are in hurry for the Meesho delivery OTP not received then, just remove your sim card and put it on another phone or feature phone, it might work now and your OTP might come now.

8. Call Customer Care

If you have followed all the above methods and none of them worked for you to receive OTP, then try calling customer care on Meesho.

After calling, explain your’s fair situation to them, and they will definitely help you out with this situation.


We have shared all possible solutions to the problem of OTP not receiving Meesho verification please note that there is no any method for Meesho OTP bypass, but if you know a bypass trick let us know in the comment box.

If you still have any kind of issues or problems then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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